The 16-Step Pre-Send Email Checklist
Guaranteed to Save Your Ass
Before you send your email marketing masterpiece, make sure it’s inbox-ready using
this 16-step checklist.
Compiled through years of experience, this checklist will help you catch errors hiding in your marketing emails before you hit send. It’s 99.9% thorough, amazingly effective and a real life-saver when it comes to mass email sends.

Besides confusing and possibly frustrating the affected party, errors in emails detract from the recipient’s experience of your brand. This is especially disastrous for quadruple bottom line companies that define themselves through their attentiveness to people. If you address someone by the wrong name or give her erroneous information regarding an upcoming event, you aren’t exactly building trust in your brand.
Use it and rest assured that you won’t be running up to anyone saying, "Wait! You haven’t sent it yet, have you?!" ever again.
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