Marketing's Responsibility

(and Opportunity) in the Purpose Economy

As Purposeful marketers, we embrace our responsibility to help consumers make choices that are good for them, good for others and good for the planet. 

As consumers, we've become so far removed from where, how and what our stuff is made of that we are blind to the effects of our choices. For decades, marketers have exploited that, constructing a culture where an accelerating cycle of waste and consumption run rampant. 

Marketing for good can’t be marketing as usual. Just as Purposeful companies are elevating how they build supply chains, how they treat employees and how they make products, it’s time for Purposeful marketers to change how we work, too.

Marketing shouldn’t only be a tool to position a brand

​​​​​​​or to sell more products. In the right hands, it is a force for good that can transform customers into partners in change, and build loyal communities of influence to amplify impact.

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