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Does my business need to have some idea of what our Purpose might be before using the Purpose Driven guide?

Nope! This guide is designed for social impact companies at any point along their path to Purpose. If you’re starting from scratch, the exercises will guide you to discover where your passions meet need and where both meet potential for change.


Can I use this if my company already has a social Purpose?

Definitely! It’s best practice for a Purposeful business to revisit, narrow or broaden its Purpose at different points in the company’s life.

If you already have a Purpose, use this guide to give it a check-up. It may be just what your team needs to maximize your impact — and grow your business on Purpose.


What is social impact Purpose?

Social impact Purpose (capital P) starts with the intention to improve some aspect of the world, followed by an unwavering commitment to fulfill that intention. Learn how to tell social Purpose from social responsibility and business purpose (lowercase p) with our free resource: What Purpose Is… And Isn’t.


How long will it take to go through the guide?

Every group is different in their conversation and decision-making style. Some smaller teams or those in earlier stages of a business may be able to fit the entire process in a day or two. Others may need to spread it over several weeks.


Who should be involved?

You’re going to be dealing with big questions and the ultimate outcome is a Purpose that will drive all business decisions. So it’s crucial that ALL decision-makers be in the room. You’ll also want to decide ahead of time who (or what group) will have the ultimate approval of your new or refined Purpose and other ideas and recommendations that result from these sessions.


How many people need to be involved?

You can do this as a solopreneur or as a group. The ideal group size for the sessions is 10-12. We don’t recommend having more than 20 and, with that size, you’ll need to break into sub-groups to complete most of the exercises.


What if my leadership / team isn’t on-board with Purpose?

Watch the free webinar: Beyond Responsibility: Activating Purpose to Unlock Customer Loyalty for help making the case for Purpose. Though the benefits of Purpose are myriad, sometimes it takes a little convincing for your leadership team — or the rest of your team — to understand how powerful Purpose can be.


Can we use this if we’re a large, complex company?

Yes, but this is best used with groups smaller than 20 people. It’s not designed for organizations with complex decision-making processes. So, depending on your structure and culture, you should be able to adapt the process and exercises to your needs. Alternately, schedule a free consultation about a RoundPeg Purpose assessment.


Can I use this if I’m a solopreneur or micro-sized business?

Absolutely! You may not need as much in the way of facilitation instructions, but the content and exercises are ready for you no matter how small your team is — even if it’s a team of you!


How can I get someone to facilitate my group or provide coaching/other support for going through the process?

The Purpose Driven guide will give you everything you need to find and refine your company Purpose. But sometimes it’s good to have some outside support – and perspective. We offer options to meet your needs: coaching through the Purpose Driven guide, as-needed consulting, an in-depth Purpose assessment and Purpose workshops. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to learn which is best for your company.

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