Want to unlock
the power of Purpose?

Start with this guide.

If you want to put the power of Purpose to work for your company, you need this guide. Your company can find and further its own powerful Purpose no matter what life-stage it's in or type of social impact business yours is. 

This easy-to-follow guide is brimming with resources, guidance and exercises to get your team poised to be a Purpose powerhouse:

Session One 
Get clear on company fundamentals and explore Purpose possibilities. You will consider the social problem your business will strive to solve and test its potential using our Purpose Possibility Scorecard, then narrow and focus one or more Purpose possibilities.
Session Two
Discover how your company is uniquely able to activate its Purpose - or Purpose possibilities - to maximize social impact. You will assess what’s already being done to address your Purpose problem and identify how your company can have the most impact. You’ll also explore the unique contribution your company can make and assess what resources you have - and need - to activate Purpose.
Plotting a course toward Purpose activation

Using the workbook, your team will define a Purpose, develop a Purpose strategy and create a Purpose Platform, including next steps for Purpose activation.

Companies like Patagonia, Plum Organics and Seventh Generation found progress with purpose.

Attract and motivate employees and customers
Make Purpose-driven decisions that encourage innovation and investment plus maximize profit
Differentiate your brand and ultimately reduce marketing costs
Inspire brand loyalty and advocacy
What’s In the Purpose Driven Guide?
This guide will give you the clarity and means to discover or refine your company's social Purpose. After completing these exercises, you’ll know where to direct your company’s energy and resources to have the greatest social impact… with Purpose.
Understand what Purpose is...and what it Isn't
Team-source Purpose possibilities based on the impact you want to have
Discover how your company can make a difference on social issues and challenges
Test Purpose possibilities with our proprietary scorecard
Explore the context of the issue your company wants to impact
Reveal opportunities for furthering Purpose via different aspects of your company
Identify the resources your company has - or needs - to activate your Purpose
Develop a Purpose Platform and identify Purpose activation steps

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