Story Tapestries

2021 Peg Percent Recipient

Story Tapestries lives by its motto to “Restore Hope & Amplify Joy” through the simple yet awesome power of the arts and storytelling.

Founded 11 years ago to celebrate community and provide free arts programming to children, adults and seniors, Story Tapestries engaged more than 350,000 Maryland residents in 2021, a year in which the pandemic kept many of us isolated and apart. For the children served – 67% of whom qualify for free and reduced meals, and 48% of whom speak English as a second language or have an identified disability – access to the arts can be a lifeline for connection and conversation.

But Story Tapestries doesn’t just provide high-need communities with access to the arts; it partners with those communities to build self-sufficiency so they can sustain their own programs. Story Tapestries knows that exposure to the arts amplifies academic, social and emotional skills for young people and inspires and engages people of all ages, creating happier, healthier places.

Shine a light and help someone in your community tell their story.
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