Can Purpose Yield Meaningful Results? Get Answers from the Latest Data

The role of business in society is changing. Companies are now expected to be environmentally sustainable, or to at least have some type of corporate social responsibility program in place. Thankfully, increasing numbers of companies are looking more holistically at how their businesses can be socially responsible. Some are making deep commitments to balance people, planet, and profit by certifying as B Corps and incorporating as Benefit Corporations.

The most dedicated of these social enterprises realize the importance and benefits of putting social impact Purpose at the core of their business. Why? Because as consumers increasingly demand responsibility and meaning from brands, defining your company’s Purpose is a marketing must for attracting customers, building community and inspiring brand activism.

How to stand out from the crowd

Experts predict that brand activism will be a powerful marketing trend this year. As politics remain divisive citizens turn to activist brands to shop their values and make activism part of their daily lives. Brands will attract more consumers by taking a bold stand for what they believe, from signing pledges like #WeAreStillin all the way to suing the administration for eliminating public lands.

Perhaps your company is one of these committed to innovation and activism. If you are, you’re likely feeling the positive impacts of Purpose. But maybe you need some third-party data to gain support for Purpose within your organization, with your board and investors, or with external partners.

Or if you’re considering beginning a Purpose journey for your business, you’re likely driven by a conviction that it’s the right thing to do. But perhaps you’re wondering whether pursuing Purpose can yield meaningful business results. Or you may even be getting pushback from other others within your organization.

Can Purpose yield meaningful results?

No matter your situation, our resource on Making the Case for Purpose provides validation for the incredibly practical benefits of social impact Purpose. It will help the skeptics and measurement geeks in your life understand why putting Purpose first is good for brand and business alike. The data makes it clear that Purpose is a key component to inspire brand activism and take a leadership role in making our world more sustainable, healthful, and content.

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