Companies and Organizations for the #ConsciousConsumer

We all want to do good but sometimes making the good choice isn’t so easy. Which companies are truly committed to using business as a force for good? Which products are really green and ethical? And how do we know which marketing claims to trust?

If these questions confound you, bookmark this list! We’ve compiled over 170 companies and organizations that help you be a #ConsciousConsumer. The companies and organizations listed here are committed to social responsibility, sustainability and / or ethical production. They offer pathways and resources to help you #BuyBetter all year long.

JANUARY – Have a Not-So-New Year

Buy it used

Online consignment shops or local thrift shops

Barter and free giving

Peer-to-peer sharing and renting

Neighborhoods listservs

FEBRUARY – Flowers
MARCH – Beer

For People Everywhere

For Most Everyone

For Coastal Cats

For Canadian New Yorkers

For Pacific Northwesterners 

For Westerners and Midwesterners

For People in OR and WA

For People in MI and Chicagoland

For People in Gibsonians

APRIL – Earth Day in Your Backyard

Check out chapter 4 of our Conscious Consumer’s Handbook for four things to consider when you’re deciding what to do with your own little piece of the earth.

JUNE – Reducing Waste

Before attempting your own Day Without Waste, read about our experiences in chapter 6 of our Conscious Consumer’s Handbook.

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