Is social impact Purpose right for your brand?

It’s no wonder that a lot of social impact companies are jumping on the purpose bandwagon.

Purpose attracts and motivates employees and consumers alike;

Purpose serves as a touchstone for decision-making that encourages innovation
and attracts investment;

Purpose maximizes social impact; and

Purpose makes your brand stand out, inspires customer engagement and loyalty,
and ultimately reduces marketing costs.

But there’s a problem. Most of these companies, whether B Corps, Benefit Corporations or other social impact businesses, don’t have a true social Purpose (capital P). And many of those that do aren’t activating their Purpose well.


Social responsibility ≠ Purpose

The biggest barrier to leveraging Purpose is that social impact businesses think their social responsibility IS
their Purpose. But it’s not! Social responsibility is largely focused on the actions and operations of a company
— what a company does and how it does it. Purpose is rooted in the soul of a company –
WHY it exists and the difference it makes.

Too few brands are optimizing Purpose

If you’re not infusing your Purpose throughout your company, you’re missing a huge opportunity to increase
your social impact — and your profits. Does your Purpose guide your decisions? Is it understood (and
practiced) by your employees? Does it shape your customer experience and brand story?

Is your Purpose strong, weak or absent?
Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve got social impact policies and programs in place, but they don’t seem to hang together well.
  • Your team isn’t on the same page about the social problem you want to solve – and it’s difficult to motivate them.
  • It’s tough to make decisions about what social impact opportunities to pursue and activities to continue.
  • You know that if customers understood the good you do, they’d want to buy from you!


Learn whether your company is living up to its Purpose potential
and what to do if you’re not!

The Purpose Discovery Roadmap

We’ve developed resources, tools and services to help you discover
whether social impact Purpose is right for your social impact business
and how to define, refine and activate your Purpose.

You don’t have to sign up for an extensive course or
a massive consulting engagement to realize your business’ Purpose potential.
In fact, most of these resources are free!

Why? Because the more good companies that are good at activating their social impact Purpose,
the closer we are to fulfilling ours: To make buying responsibly the norm.

Click on a question below to start your journey.

Want to find out whether your company Purpose is strong, weak or absent?
Take the Purpose Potential Pulsecheck for a quick assessment.

Find out whether your company is living up to its Purpose potential — and get customized tips on what to do if it’s not. Each company is at a different stage of Purpose discovery and refinement, so this 6-minute assessment is the perfect place to start.

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Think that social responsibility is enough?
Think again. Learn what good brands need to stand out.
Need a Purpose? Or a Purpose check-up?
Get the Purpose Driven guide and go from intent to impact.

This step-by-step guide takes the guesswork out of exploring Purpose possibilities or refining your existing social Purpose to propel your company from intent to impact.

► Buy the guide today.  

Not sure what social impact Purpose is?
Read our position paper to gain clarity about the 8 characteristics of Purpose.

Explore what makes Purpose so, well, purposeful, what it is and what it isn’t. Complete with examples from Purposeful brands.

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Having trouble making the case for Purpose?
Watch our FREE webinar on activating Purpose to unlock customer loyalty.

In this free webinar, we share how social Purpose is becoming a key differentiator and an important driver for customer engagement and retention. You’ll hear examples of Purpose in action and get tips on bringing Purpose to the customer experience throughout the customer journey.

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Don't have the bandwidth to go it alone?
Check out our Purpose coaching and consulting services.

Receive expert guidance and feedback through our coaching or as-needed consulting — both customizable, cost-effective support options.

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Looking for a partner for your purpose Journey?
Work with us to make your Purpose path pain-free.

You have the passion, vision and ideas, but your time and capacity are limited. Whether you need the perspective and advice of a Purpose activation expert or help facilitating and directing your business’ Purpose path, we can help.

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