2020 Started in Uncertainty, but is Ending in Gratitude

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a challenge for most of us. But with all those lows also came some highs.

Back in March, with so much loss of business, the uncertainty started to really settle in for us at Roundpeg. We thought that we may have to suspend our Peg Percent program as a result, which has been with us since year 1. But thanks to some great advice from seasoned CEO’s in the #WeTheChange community, we made some tough financial decisions, refocused, and worked as hard as ever to get where we are today — with a small profit to continue our Peg Percent program.

It’s with great gratitude to our committed clients who have helped us weather the storm, that we’re here today to announce our Peg Percept recipient for 2020.

The reality is that 2020’s challenges have hit some communities harder than others, and because of that, we’re happy to announce that we will be donating 1% of our profits from 2020 to an organization that helps provide for some of the most in-need populations, #HappyPeriod.

Since 2015, #HappyPeriod has been gathering, assembling, and distributing menstrual hygiene kits to people who are homeless, low-income, and/or living in poverty. The movement is designed to help provide for those who would otherwise go without, including and especially LGBT, non-binary, teens, veterans, and those with disabilities.

#HappyPeriod is on a mission to end period stigma and period poverty, as they believe (as do we at RoundPeg) that girls deserve education, quality, and dignity — period.

In a year when we’ve all needed a helping hand at one time or another, community is at the center of it all. Even though the storm may be rough, we choose to see the silver lining of 2020. There was more time to think and read, and we’re even launching a new business venture with fellow B Corp CEOs and dear friends.

We’re so grateful to have the resources to help our community in a positive way in 2020 and beyond, and we’re so grateful for you.

Thank you and to a happy holiday season 2020!

Illustration by Maheswari Janarthanan
Tina Pettigrew is a professional mixed martial artist and Marketing Consultant who specializes in creative campaigns, writing, and social media. Since 2014, her work has been focused on marketing for B Corporations who strive to use business as a force for good. See more posts by Tina..

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