8 B Corp Brews for St. Paddy’s Day + Beyond

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For some, St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday. For others, it’s a cultural celebration. For a third group, it’s just a good excuse to enjoy their favorite brews with good friends.

If you’re part of the first group, I wish you a joyous holiday in commemoration of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. If you’re part of the second group, I wish you a happy celebration of Irish culture and heritage, with all the corned beef and soda bread you can eat.

If you’re part of the third group, I encourage you to put your beer tasting skills to good use. I’ve rounded up a list of B Corp brews sure to get you feeling warm and brave on the big day and added a distribution map for good measure. Drinking B-rews is an easy way to #VoteEveryDay, #PartyWithPurpose and support companies that do right by our planet and the people on it.


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For People Everywhere

New Belgium Brewing Company

B-ing Good

B-rews Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

While New Belgium may be best known for Fat Tire, some of their other beers may be slightly more appropriate if you’re wearin’ the green.

CITRADELIC IPA – It rhymes with “Citra-CELTIC IPA”
RyePA – Leftover corned beef is really good on Rye bread. Trust me.
Check out other New Belgium brews here. And make sure to check out what might be the (B)est beer of all!

B-uy It

So many places – 39 different states! Use their Beer-Finder to locate specific retailers and find specific brews.


For Organic Lovers

Bison Brewing 

B-ing Good

B-rew Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

Kermit The Hop – Kermit the frog is green; green is the de-facto theme color of St. Patrick’s Day.
Check out their rest of the beer roster here.

B-uy It

Contact your local distributor to find retailers carrying Bison Brewing beer. Their products are available in a smattering of states, primarily along the coasts – including my home state of Virginia!



Beau’s All Natural 

B-ing Good

  • Brews beer with local spring water
  • Beer is certified organic
  • Family-run
  • 100% post-consumer recycled posters, brochures and coasters
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Supports over 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year
  • Runs a Greener Futures Project membership club
  • Is hosting a Patrick’s Party which you should totally check out if you live in Ottawa

B-rews Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

The Tom Green Beer! – Has the word “green” in it.
Kissmeyer: Nordic Pale Ale – If you say it slurred, it sounds like “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”
Bog Water – Bogs make up 5% of the Irish landscape.
Strong Patrick – An obvious yet perfectly fitting choice!
You can see all releases – including past and future brews – here.

B-uy It

Those in Canada and New York can find this stuff in stores – find your closest distributer here. Residents of Ottawa can buy online and get their beer delivered as part of Buy Your Beau’s Online, a social enterprise that employs at-risk youth.



Aslan Brewing Company

B-ing Good

  • Certified Organic
  • Newest brewer to become a B Corp – they certified in Jan. 2016!
  • Donated 8% of profits to local nonprofits and community orgs in 2015
  • Offsets 100% of its energy with renewable energy credits through Arcadia Power (another B Corp!)
  • Facilities were renovated rather than demolished, nearly all materials were salvaged for reuse, recycling and reimplementation
  • Uses LED lighting and Energy Star equipment
  • Recycles water
  • Runs a steam-fired brewhouse rather than direct-fire for energy recycling
  • Uses [locally manufactured] cans for infinite recyclability and lower carbon emissions (compared to the production of glass bottles)
  • Washington Brewshed Alliance Member
  • Recycles spent grain into feed for local animals on Jason’s farm

B-rew Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

[The simply named] Stout – Ireland is the country that popularized the stout!
See the whole lineup here.

B-uy it

Aslan’s brews are carried all over the northwest. Check out locations here.



Hopworks Urban Brewery

B-ing Good

B-rew Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

Rise Up Red – Irish city Crosshaven, Co. Cork hosts the Irish Redhead Convention and indeed, 10-30% of Irish people are graced with red hair.
See the whole list of beers here.

B-uy It

Primarily available in Portland, OR though there are also distributors in Washington and Idaho.

BONUS: Did you know that Patagonia partnered with Hopworks to produce a Patagonia line of beer? Your beer can match your clothing!



Brewery Vivant

B-ing Good

B-rew Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

Big Red Coq – Irish chicken is TOTALLY a thing. [I’m getting desperate here…] Check out the complete list of Brewery Vivant beers here!

B-uy It

You can really only buy their beers in Michigan and Chicagoland. Road trip anybody? Chicago is home to some legendary St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.



Persephone Brewing Company 

B-ing Good 

B-rews Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

PBC Dry Stout – This one hits all the Irish notes. It’s a “stout” with a “coffee-like aroma” (like Irish Coffee) and “undertones of freshly baked oatmeal cookies” (like Irish oatmeal).

See the rest of Persephone Brewing Company’s beers here. 

B-uy It

Buy this brew in Gibsons, British Columbia. And then send some to Silver Spring, MD for us to try!



Picaroons Traditional Ales 

B-ing Good 

I know that Picaroons is a certified B Corp but was unable to find specifics about how they do good on their website. If someone from Picaroons is reading this, get in touch with me! I’d love to tell people exactly why you’re so awesome.

B-rews Most Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Red – Finally a brewery that made my job easy!
See other Picaroons brews to imbibe here.

B-uy It

Anywhere in Southern New Brunswick. Maybe your Canadian friends will ship you a six-pack?

Honora-B-le Mention:

B Corp breweries are growing! The USA also boasts Allagash Brewing Company, Sufferfest Beer Company, North Coast Brewing Co (California), Common House Ales (Ohio), Alchemist Beer (Vermont) and Roadhouse Brewing Co (Wyoming).

Canada offers High Park Brewery (Ontario), Upstreet Craft Brewing (P.E.I.) and Brasserie New Deal Brewing Co (Quebec – a Best for the World Honoree for Environment in 2018!).

In the UK choose from Stroud Brewery (Glos), Brewgooder (Scotland) and Toast Ale (London).

In Australia, choose from Stone and Wood and 4 Pines Brewing Company (New South Wales) and in Chile, go for Cervecera Guayacan SpA (Vicuna).

I hope this round up has given you guidance on how you can make your merriment more meaningful this St. Patrick’s Day. Please tell me if I’ve forgotten any B Corp brewers or if you have good leads on finding these beautiful brews in areas outside of their established distribution network which you can see on the map at right.

I think it’s only right to close with a traditional[ly inspired] Irish blessing:

     May your troubles be less
     And your blessings be more
     And may your drinking not leave you
     Asleep on the floor.

Cheers, and Happy St. Paddy’s Day from the Pegs!

This post was originally published on March 18th, 2016 and updated on March 5th, 2019.

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