Anne Boyle

Strategic Partner

In Memoriam

“By activating their Purpose, social enterprises can unlock customer loyalty and increase their impact.”

Our strategic partner and long-time friend, Anne Boyle passed away this summer after a long battle with colon cancer. Anne was sharp-minded, committed to quality, passionate about social enterprise, and fundamental in her contributions to creating the RoundPeg you know today. She was especially dedicated to education and shared keen insights and knowledge through her brilliant blogs – which we encourage you to revisit here on the website.

Anne’s 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector taught her a lot about making change. They also taught her about which issues traditional models can – and can’t – effectively address.

Anne saw social enterprise as able to overcome many of the obstacles that nonprofits, NGOs and government agencies encountered in their efforts to do good. Using her marketing expertise, she amplified the success of for-benefit companies so they could match their might against the world’s most unyielding social problems.

As a strategic partner to RoundPeg, Anne consulted on select projects to help clients leverage the power of Purpose to engage and retain customers. An expert in marketing communications planning and audience insights, she developed Purpose activation strategies and customer experience programs.

Before she began serving in the fourth sector, Anne led a communications team helping progressive nuns fight for social justice and embrace digital technology. In prior roles, she developed and managed social marketing campaigns to advance hospital-based palliative care, encourage cancer care and prevention in underserved communities, improve services for retired persons, and identify effective interventions to prevent childhood obesity.

Anne wrote for The Huffington Post, Causeartist and B the Change Media, and was also published on Triple Pundit.

Anne held a MA in Communications from the University of Maryland and a BA in Rhetoric and Writing from Mount St. Mary’s College. A Jersey native (minus the big hair), Anne is survived by her husband, Bill, and her rescue dogs, Molly and Phoebe.

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