What’s Your Purpose? Why You Need One + How to Find It

Would your company be missed if it disappeared tomorrow? Not your product, your company.

If you’re not sure, ask yourself and your team:

Resource-Button• Why do we exist?
• What difference does our company make in the world and in the lives of others?

As more socially responsible businesses form – and succeed – every day, minding the triple bottom line is no longer the differentiator it once was. Now, consumers are increasingly demanding responsibility and meaning from brands. To stand out, you need a Purpose.

See where your company is on the Purpose path with the free 4-minute Purpose Potential Pulsecheck self-assessment.

Clearly defining that Purpose isn’t just a good way to solidify your positive impact – it’s also a marketing must for attracting customers, building community and creating brand advocates. Take a cue from these companies that have inspired meaningful connections by infusing Purpose in everything they do:

Plum Organics: Getting the very best food to ALL little ones from the very first bite.
Greyston Bakery: Baking brownies to hire people, not hiring people to bake brownies.

So, what do you do if you don’t have a Purpose?

You find one. It isn’t easy, but it’s increasingly essential for companies like B Corps that define themselves by their commitment to being a force for good. Still not convinced? Read these articles for more on why Purpose is so, well, purposeful.

• Social Responsibility Isn’t Enough – What Good Brands Need to Stand Out
Can Purposeful Marketing Really Motivate People to Be Their Best?
Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: The Importance of Measuring Purpose
Why B Corps (Should) Kick Butt on Purposeful Brand Alignment
Purpose: What It Is…And Isn’t

Then, download Purpose Driven: How to Take Your Company from Intent to Impact, the easy-to-follow guide that’s brimming with resources, guidance and exercises to get your team poised to be a Purpose powerhouse.

engage your team in exploring Purpose possibilities

clarify and focus the best Purpose for your business (or vice versa)

take next steps toward activating Purpose

Even if your company already has a Purpose, you can use this guide as a Purpose check-up every once in a while. It may make sense to revisit, narrow or broaden your Purpose at different points in your company’s life and this guide may be just the reality check you need to be sure that your Purpose fulfills its purpose!

Get started by downloading Purpose Driven: How to Take Your Company from Intent to Impact to begin a Purpose-driven journey that will strengthen your brand, galvanize your community and serve as a platform for sustained growth and positive impact.

Anne is a strategic partner to RoundPeg, offering consulting on select projects to figure out how to use marketing to help people make good choices. In her free time, she enjoys sampling obscure teas, spending as much time at the beach as possible and spoiling her darling rescue dogs, Molly and Phoebe. An impassioned communicator and people person, Anne enjoys bringing people together and offering advice to anyone who wants it [or doesn’t]. See more posts by Anne.

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