#DiscoverDoing — How People Like You Are Changing The World

There was innovation. There was collaboration. There was free beer! Last week, we joined several other B Corps in the Mid Atlantic region to present #DiscoverDoing – How People Like You Are Changing The World.



The event featured Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar telling the story of his project Connecting Las Americas. Max recounted his adventures riding from Chile to NYC on an oldtimer Moto Guzzi motorcycle, collecting and sharing stories of social and environmental innovation along the way.

Max hopes that sharing his personal story will encourage others to do something themselves, no matter how small it may seem. After all, sometimes what seems insignificant to us is huge to someone else, and even little things have the power to inspire others. 

Our friends at 5:00 Films & Media created a convenient event recap for those that couldn’t make it (see the video above!) and took gorgeous pictures that you can check out on our Facebook page.

It might sound strange, but I think the most exciting part of the event for me personally wasn’t the event – it was the time spent pulling it together. At every turn, I was floored by the generosity of the companies and individuals that volunteered their talents, their time, their products and their dollars.

Overall we asked for various kinds of support from roughly 12 different organizations. 11 said yes. When you’re part of a community that shares values and believes in the power of collaboration, it’s amazing how many doors will open.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next event from B Local: Mid Atlantic. If you’re a B Corp (or other social enterprise) in the area interested in the possibility of future collaboration, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Main Image: First Row (from left): Kiana Denlinger of RoundPeg, Rayne Kates of Relay Foods,  Alison Klein of RoundPeg, Carly Khanna of AE Works, Michelle Hailey of Raffa, P.C., Davita Louie of Union Kitchen, Jimena Ryan of Raffa, P. C., Polina Pinchevsky of RoundPeg. Second Row (from left): Tom Raffa of Raffa, P.C., Anne Boyle of RoundPeg, Efron Berkowitz of Relay Foods, Kimberly Jutze of Shifting Patterns Consulting, Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar of Connecting Las Americas, Jason Moore of RoundPeg, George Chmael and John R. Griffin of Council Fire.

Alison was RoundPeg's content marketing specialist though November 2016. We are sure she still spends her days seeking inspiration, writing inspired content, then trying to inspire other people to read it! When she isn't trying to save the world by the might of her pen, she hangs out with her dog Wall-E, reads contemporary literature and eats an impressive amount of chocolate.
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  • […] Discover Doing – How People Like You Are Changing the World was an event in DC last July that told the stories of people using business as a force for good. Guest speaker Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar, recounted his motorcycle journey from Chile to New York City and shared inspiring stories of people he met along the way who realized their bold ideas for positive impact. Several B Corps from within – and outside – the Mid-Atlantic region generously served as event sponsors and donated an array of specialty food and beverages. […]

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