Impact Reporting: By The Numbers

RoundPeg recently conducted a survey with our partners at Oliver Russell of over 250 organizations made up of B Corps, Public Benefit Corporations, and other social enterprises. We did it because we were looking to see how many of them produce impact reports, how they go about it, and what they need help with.

Along with two other blog posts, Three Tips to Make Your Impact Report … Have Impact and How 2020 Changed Impact Measurement and Reporting, we’re sharing our findings in infographic form, below. 

Not only did these findings teach us a lot about social enterprises and their challenges, it inspired us to create something new. Unit is an impact reporting platform being collaboratively developed by three small B Corps with the goal of making data collection easier, reporting more efficient, and your story of social impact more compelling.

If you’d like help with your impact reporting, want to know more about the best way to gather your data, analyze it, report it, and receive updates (including early bird pricing) from Unit, subscribe to our Unit mailing list. Please also follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tina Pettigrew is a professional mixed martial artist and Marketing Consultant who specializes in creative campaigns, writing, and social media. Since 2014, her work has been focused on marketing for B Corporations who strive to use business as a force for good. See more posts by Tina..

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