How to Make B Corp Certification Accessible to All in Metro DC

Another year and a lot to be thankful for! We’re grateful you’ve been by our side as we launched our Purpose Potential Pulsecheck quiz and Purpose Driven workbook!

Now that this tumultuous (cough politics) year is coming to a close, once again, we’ll be donating 1% of our profits to our community. To see where we’ve donated in the past, click here. Drumroll please!

Making #BusinessForGood Accessible to all

Last month we participated in a meaningful cause: extending the opportunity of becoming a Certified B Corp to underserved businesses in the Washington, DC Metro area.

Being a member of the B Corp Community has been an absolute privilege for RoundPeg. As part of our commitment to doing business for good, each year we donate 1% of our profits to a local cause. This year we’re proud to announce that the recipient is the B Local: Mid-Atlantic scholarship fund for B Corp certification!

We want every business to have the chance to join the B Corp Community, and we want to see inclusion and diversity everywhere. Sometimes that means looking carefully at the barriers that block some businesses from getting the certification they’ve earned. That’s why we’re proud to donate 1% of our profits to the B Corp certification scholarship fund. Join us to see more businesses “do business by doing good”: donate here!

A Handbook for the #ConsciousConsumer – you!
Check out our free ebook, How to Buy Responsibly All Year Long.

Making Buying Responsibly The Norm

You can support business for good all year long – not only by supporting causes like the scholarship fund, but by committing to buying responsibly. Use our free Conscious Consumer’s Handbook to start now. We did all the work for you to make responsible shopping easy!

Our Handbook is the resource that will empower you to do good and feel good in 2018. And don’t worry – responsible shopping doesn’t mean you have to stop buying products you need. From beer to baby diapers to bouquets, this guide will take you from now to next December with all the knowledge necessary to make purchasing decisions that feel great.

We hope you have a very happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

As RoundPeg’s partner and creative director, Polina has over 20 years experience turning complex concepts into compelling visual communications. She also knows how to speak Russian and make delicious sauerkraut! Polina enjoys knitting despite her fear of pointy objects and loves nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. See more posts by Polina..

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