What Kind of Good-Doer Are You? Via GOOD Magazine

I know it’s actually 2015 but I couldn’t pass up the chance to share a wonderful resource I just found from GOOD Magazine that profiles their GOOD 100 from 2014. Call me retro I guess!

This interactive resource features 100 different “individuals at the cutting-edge of creative impact” but it doesn’t stop there. Instead, it tells readers that these changemakers “belong to a community of doers that [they] too can be part of.”

GOOD MAGAZINE and GAP offer up a 100-question quiz that helps the reader align their own efforts to do good with one of 16 “doer personality types.” After each question, the interactive quiz displays the profile of a GOOD 100 figure that exhibits the traits the question explores.

This format shows the reader that she herself possesses qualities of greatness and conveys that by harnessing them, she can have her own positive impact on the world. When I completed the quiz I was pleased to be dubbed a “‘World Plenipotentiary’ – “To you, all people are your people and your fight is universal, tapping into the dignity and basic rights that allow humanity to progress forward.”

Reading about the GOOD 100 and their diverse causes, stories and approaches reminded me of a popular quote from the Persian philosopher and poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” – Rumi, Spring Giddiness

With this line, Rumi reminds us that each person has her own way of giving back to the world. He also urges the reader to “do” – to take action – in areas that impassion, excite and motivate her.

I encourage you to check out the quiz and learn more about your own way of “kneeling and kissing the ground.” Share your results in the comments below!

Alison was RoundPeg's content marketing specialist though November 2016. We are sure she still spends her days seeking inspiration, writing inspired content, then trying to inspire other people to read it! When she isn't trying to save the world by the might of her pen, she hangs out with her dog Wall-E, reads contemporary literature and eats an impressive amount of chocolate.

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