The 16-Step Pre-Send Email Checklist Guaranteed to Save Your Ass

Wait! You haven’t sent it yet, have you?!

This is the question dreaded by all email marketers. It’s absurd and maddening but even simple messages that have been scrubbed in three rounds of review sometimes manage to escape the email platform with errors, leaving mayhem and embarrassment in their wake.

Resource-ButtonBeyond diminishing the marketing message you’ve worked hard to create, these little errors can be disastrous for purposeful brands trying to transform customer relationships for good.

You don’t want to send a promotion to someone who won’t qualify for it, address a customer by the wrong name or send inaccurate information when you’re trying to engage customers as partners in purpose.

Besides confusing and possibly frustrating your customers, you’ll be detracting from their experience of your brand. This is especially damaging for quadruple bottom line companies that define themselves through their attentiveness to people.

What’s a purpose-driven marketer to do? Enter The 16-Step Pre-Send Email Checklist Guaranteed to Save Your Ass.

Compiled through years of experience, this checklist ensures users catch 99.9% of errors associated with an email send. It’s totally thorough. It’s magical. You might think you already check everything but unless you’re going through 16 steps you really don’t.

Download it, use it and rest assured that you’ll never again need to run up to a colleague inquiring Wait! You haven’t sent it yet, have you?! 

Comment below with the most horrific email marketing mistake you’ve witnessed – or committed. If you dare.


Alison was RoundPeg's content marketing specialist though November 2016. We are sure she still spends her days seeking inspiration, writing inspired content, then trying to inspire other people to read it! When she isn't trying to save the world by the might of her pen, she hangs out with her dog Wall-E, reads contemporary literature and eats an impressive amount of chocolate.

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